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Autopsy – Triple Homicide Suspect

Autopsy today on triple homicide suspect found dead after police standoff Original Article Published on May 13, 2016. Jonathan Ford had few words for the man suspected of killing three members of his family. “Turn yourself in. Let it go.” As he spoke Thursday, the suspect was holed up in a home on the Far … Continued

Social Media Threat Allegations Prompt Investigation Glenbard West H.S.

Allegations of social media threat prompt investigation at Glenbard West H.S.   Glen Ellyn police said they are investigating an allegation that threats of violence against students at Glenbard West High School were made by another student through social media. School was in session Friday morning after an investigation Thursday led officers to conclude that … Continued

Resident Stabbed to Death -Lyons Senior Home

  Resident of Lyons senior home stabbed 2 to death in dispute over property: police Police say a person of interest is being questioned in connection with the deaths. April 26, 2016. (CBS Chicago) Chicago Tribune staffContact Reporter A resident of a senior apartment building in Lyons has been charged with murder in the stabbing … Continued

Services that private investigators can provide

  Even with all this, there are hundreds of other things that can be added. For the sake of brevity, we’ve narrowed down that list. (This is just some of the Services private investigators can provide) Find a current address or former addresses Determine date of birth, known aliases and/or Social Security number Locate birth, death, … Continued


    You may think it looks like a glamorous and lucrative job. However, there are dangers in being a realtor. These dangers are particularly worrisome to female realtors. Here are 5 of many dangerous situations that realtors might not even consider: Entering Foreclosed Properties Foreclosures can attract the uninvited: trespassers, squatters, wildlife, former homeowners … Continued

The Dangers of Online Dating

Many factors contribute to The Dangers of Online Dating. In light of Tuesday’s murder in Seattle of a woman who disappeared while on a date with a man she met online, lets remember some realities. YOU DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE! The mother of 3 went on a date with a man from a dating site … Continued

Be Cautious of Your Surroundings

In light of today’s terrorist attacks in Belgium, security around the world especially here in the U.S. has been heightened. Please be cautious when using public transportation and in what have been referred to as “soft targets”. Soft targets are those which large groups of people gather and where it is impossible to specifically lock … Continued

Multiple Shooting Incidents in Chicago

Multiple Shooting Incidents in Chicago leaves 2 Dead, 8 Wounded Chicago witnessed multiple shooting incidents starting from Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning. These shootings have claimed the lives of two men and injured at least eight other people. Koncrete Nightclub On Sunday, at 3:50 a.m. a 21-year old woman was shot in the head and … Continued

University of Chicago Cancels All Classes Due to Online Security Threat

University of Chicago Cancels All Classes after an Online Security Threat On November 29th, the University of Chicago was alerted by the FBI about an online threat of gun violence, which led the university to cancel all classes scheduled for the day. Robert J. Zimmer, President of the University of Chicago, said the university “will … Continued

Is Chicago the Homicide Capital Of The World?

Chicago Neighborhoods See More Murders than Some of the Least Developed Countries of the World Chris Harper Mercer has made Oregon, Illinois famous in the entire world. And it’s not for the right reasons. In late September, the 26-year old gunman killed 10 and injured 7, before killing himself, in one of the worst mass … Continued