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You may think it looks like a glamorous and lucrative job. However, there are dangers in being a realtor. These dangers are particularly worrisome to female realtors.

Here are 5 of many dangerous situations that realtors might not even consider:

Entering Foreclosed Properties

Foreclosures can attract the uninvited: trespassers, squatters, wildlife, former homeowners or anyone else who knows the property is supposed to be vacant. Often foreclosed homes get damaged. They are poorly lit and this causes potentially deadly personal safety hazards.

Meeting Potential Clients

Every new client meeting has the potential to be the worst blind date in history. You don’t know these people. You have no idea about their background or motivation. You could be meeting with a criminal, a stalker, a thief, or a serial killer.

Those Famous Open Houses

Almost always realtors host open houses alone. Strangers wander in. What could go wrong? You can’t keep track of everyone. One of them could squirrel himself away in a closet, the basement, or a bathroom and wait for the right moment to attack.


Realty marketing materials always contain photos of the realtor. Some may see this as a come-on. They don’t even have to look far. They are in the newspaper, on the realty website, plastered on billboards, bus shelters and park benches. And how many photo business cards—including cell phone numbers—do realtors pass out in a day?

Chauffeuring Clients

Remember when your mother told you never to hitchhike and never to pick up strangers? Realtors showing houses to potential buyers chauffeur them from house to house. Realtors put themselves alone with a strangers in their car all of the time. There’s a risk of being robbed. The car could be hijacked stolen. The realtor could be thrown to the side of the road and left to die.

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