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Theater Safety:Staying Safe during a Shooting Scenario

The debate on guns and gun laws encircles the country, specifically Washington D.C. Even President Obama himself is a champion of anti-gun movement. So your options other than law enforcement agencies, which are effective as best they can be due to budget restrictions, and CCTV cameras which only work most of the time, and then … Continued

Six Dangerous Situations for Realtors That May Not Have Been Considered

    You may think it looks like a glamorous job. However, there are dangers in being a realtor. These dangers are particularly worrisome to female realtors. Here are six dangerous situations that realtors might not even consider:   Entering Foreclosed Properties Foreclosures can attract the uninvited: trespassers, squatters, wildlife, former home owners or anyone … Continued

Lone Wolf Terrorists

At first glance the term “Lone Wolf Terrorists”  looks like something from a Tom Clancy novel. Alas! These people are for real and they walk amongst us.   Lone Wolf terrorists are people who work to further a cause but do so not as part of the group. They act alone, outside the group’s direction. … Continued

5 Items not even a Private Investigator Can Legally Get

There are a number of misconceptions about what a professional private investigator can legally obtain. These myths may begin with your matrimonial client’s insistence that her husband has secret bank account, or your colleague has boasted about how his investigators found the smoking gun in the opponent’s phone records, or it’s possible that you picked … Continued

Are Terrorists Replacing Organized Crime and Street Gangs?

For centuries every country in the world has dealt with organized crime, street gangs and many groups working towards tearing apart the world we live in. Are the new breed of terrorists worse than gangs and the mafia? The answer is clearly yes. Before the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and the September … Continued