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Workplace Violence: The After-Effects

The moments immediately following a violent incident are crucial to the human brain’s ability to process a tragedy and heal regardless of threat. Clearly understanding what is expected of you as a leader and your team in those moments can mean everything.

Armed and appropriately uniformed officers and first responders will have the task of ceasing the tragedy as quickly as possible with the least amount of injuries. During this time, keeping your team calm and cooperative is extremely important. Take assessment of any injuries to inform medical staff quickly when they arrive. Keep your hands empty and visible at all times; they are just arriving on the scene and are not sure whom is the victim and who may be the perpetrator or accomplice.

Assist authorities by keeping the crime scene as close to original as possible – do not allow anyone to leave except with medical personnel or law enforcement. All witnesses will need to be questioned and notes taken.

In a perfect world, we would all have emergency plans in our place of business that fit our situation exactly. Even if there is a plan in place (it’s definitely a good idea to implement one) often people are not prepared for the emotional and psychological stress a situation like this can cause. To add to it all, you and your team will need to be prepared for long hours of interviews with authorities. Be ready to provide emotional support along with medical responders as first instincts will be to find friends or loved ones and it is vital that everyone remain in place.

In the long term, grief counselors and others in the field of psychological wellness will need to be provided and a strategy put into place for returning to work methodically with the professionals’ assistance. A fear of returning to the workplace is very common. Publicity and on-going investigations can also add to the stressful environment.

Due to the unfortunate reality that these incidents are becoming more commonplace than ever before, a plan is absolutely essential. Not only for your team but for you as a leader.

This plan should start with the commitment from everyone to report anything suspicious; behavior, concerning anger, demeanor or attitude of anyone in contact with the office. It is important that, as a leader, that you do not discount or ignore reported behaviors and should have standard protocols set in place and stay consistent with them regardless of political correctness and sensitivity to stereotyping. Treat ALL concerns exactly the same.

If you have a human resources department, these processes need to be worked out and consistently practiced within that department as well. All concerns should be rapidly investigated and detailed reports filed along with other procedures set forth in your plan.

While, at first, it may seem like a tedious task to prepare for any disaster including shootings and other violent occurrences rewards are evident. If a plan is created, training is provided and regular drills are performed along with vigilance LIVES WILL BE SAVED

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In the meantime…………keep your eyes open, do not take unnecessary chances and BE SAFE!