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Holiday Weekend Violence in Chicagoland

The holiday weekend violence in Chicago was all over the news; however, it is not just Chicago. Many area villages, towns and cities have huge gang and crime problems as well, but it seldom makes the news. Professional police departments such as Aurora and Elgin as well as many suburbs to the southeast and southwest of the city, the western suburbs and yes, even the north and northwest suburban areas have seen spikes in crime and gang activity. These areas of Suburban Chicago have been fighting to keep their residents safe for years all the while fighting huge budget deficits. These departments are to be applauded and thanked for their service; however, they cannot be everywhere at all times. Therefore, private alternatives have become more and more prevalent.

Although I have been providing security and investigative advice and counsel for many years, in recent weeks and months I have been asked more than ever “is it safe to go there?” This includes areas of Chicago and the entire 7 county area. Though I can recite statistics; what is my answer to be? If I say it’s safe and something happens, was I wrong? If I say no, the people asking won’t go there and in some cases it may affect their business if they do not go and see clients, make deliveries, see customers and meet with prospective new business.

As you can see, there is no easy answer. For some clients, we escort them to keep them safe; however, some just want information on how they can stay safer on their own without an escort. We of course can provide the advice, keeping in mind that people in certain occupations are at higher risk.

No surprise that high end vehicles in high crime areas, don’t mix well. As an example, I have a client who drives a Bentley except when he has to travel to or through known high crime areas. For those times he has a garage full of old and low value vehicles to travel in. He has no choice but to see his clients who are in these areas.

Jewelers are always at high risk. Executives of many businesses as well as their families who are easily seen as affluent are at risk. Attorneys who visit clients in low income and high crime areas are at risk. Visiting nurses and care givers are at risk. Realtors are at high risk. Truth is, anyone can be at risk. Should we live in fear? Of course not, however we can mitigate the risk with proper thought, planning and professional advice.

If your business or firm wants or needs information about the ever increasing level of violence in areas never before seen, or in the areas we have heard about for years let me know. Contact Homeland Security Consulting & Investigations at 1-844-4-HOMELAND or contact us through our website at chicagolandinvestigators.com


We can provide you with advice or discuss the other options we provide for you to stay as safe as possible.


In the meantime…………keep your eyes open, do not take unnecessary chances and BE SAFE!



We can provide you with advice and or other assistance avenues to stay as safe as possible as well as the many services we provide that you can avail yourself of.


Keep your eyes open, do not take unnecessary chances and BE SAFE!