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The risks and liability of online do-it-yourself pre-employment and other background checks versus hiring a professional are usually TWENTY TIMES higher, and this is especially true with criminal background screening. Why allow yourself to choose the cheaper route when you know the results will be less quality than your business deserves?

When it comes to background checks, you can never be too careful. More than 85 percent of companies use non-professional background screening sites. This strongly endangers the success of their business by failing to perform the most accurate and comprehensive screens on their employees. The other 15 percent use professional services such as licensed and insured detective agencies reducing their liability greatly.

The risk you face without a background-screening partner could put your entire company in danger, especially if you make any mistakes during the background check process.

What Can Go Wrong?

Free background screening services are becoming more readily available, and it’s up to you to decide if you’ll risk your company’s reputation by choosing that option.

Inaccurate Information

Employers who choose to do background checks themselves often find that the information provided to them isn’t as accurate as they expected.

When searching for an individual’s history, the information might not portray the correct person. Many third-party databases don’t have a variety of search options to help you narrow down your applicant, leaving you potentially pulling up wrong records with irrelevant information.

Non-compliant Background Screening Tools

Obtaining information on your applicant’s history may be your number one priority, but how you obtain it could be risky.

Many employers tend to use inexpensive third-party databases to obtain information. However, the information available is often not vetted for compliance with Federal, State or Local laws.

Not all information obtained through court records or third-party databases is legal, and an employer may face litigation for refusing employment to an applicant because of what they’ve discovered through these records.

Emotionally Biased Decisions

Hiring applicants without letting records bias your decision can be difficult.

Many offenses on criminal records cannot, according to EEOC guidelines, impact hiring decisions. When an employer has direct access to such records, they may be motivated to base their final decision on fear or other negative emotion.

The consequences of ‘Do It Yourself’ background screening can have a far-reaching effect across your entire company.

Protect Your Company Reputation

To protect your company reputation, background screening should be at the top of your priority list. Using a trusted and reliable background-screening partner will allow you to focus more on your business.

The information obtained by background screening professionals will ultimately protect your company’s future by providing you the information you need to hire the right employees who will add to your business goals.

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